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ancient mirkwoodian tale

As I slip into the Merry Rose in the dim light,

< such places are allways dark, so you can do things
  that you would be ashamed to do in the light of day>

I see the lovely Ianthe amoung a group of ladies by the fire. 

< by manner of dress and accent a Carolingian no doubt.
I wonder  what price could I get for the lot in Miklagard
Enough for a good drunk no doubt, 
but then again  would I want to part with them once taken
hmm....but then looking at the crowd assembled here the
acquisition cost might not be recovered....>

So, fair one you want a story, Let me tell
you a tale from long ago when men were men and
ladies weren't so particular. 
A story of a bold Irishman ensnared  by the lovely 
Lyseleath of Donnelly ,a sister of Carolingia. 

In old Myrkwud, An Irish Mercenary with red hair and beard. 
His name was Master Shaungn Rubaru and this his  story:

"Verses in Honor of Shaungn Rubaru"
	As stolen from Duke Cariadoc's _A Miscelleny_

>From Ireland, where, I've been told,
The men are fair, the women bold,
Where faith is strict and fancy free,
A warrior fared across the sea.

Thorough foam of wreck and raid and war
The shortship floundered to the shore
And out a tattered bundle threw
That struggled straight as ---Rubaru.

Then cursing a blue streak about
(A passing Celt in woad, no doubt)
He whirled his broad sword round his crown
and brought the shortship's maintwig down.

Dressed in mail from toe to head
The brave crew swam like lumps of lead;
Too courteous to stand and scoff
Rubaru went striding off.

And coming on a homeless cow,
An orphaned chicken, and sow,
A little distance from the sea
He gave them -- Irish charity,

Then, leaving all his pets at peace,
He wiped his mouth and beard of grease
And Moaning loud for want of beer
Started for a farmhouse near.

Told the farmer he had seen
His cow and sow loose on the green
And having so dispatched the lout
Sought his wife and daughter out.

Asked for wine and -- something more.
But alas for his amour;
Though their principles were few
They drew the line at Rubaru.

Drew the line and not the beer,
Flung him out upon his ear,
Barred the door and windows tight;
Rubaru set them alight.

And having quenched ni thirst ni lust
Started off as dry as dust
When will they ever learn?
First you plunder then you burn.

So fair lady, I hope you liked the story of one of
myrkwoods most distingushed adventurers.   

< just wait till they are in their cups.....>
"Hey Mabel, black label."

<<< Historical Note... these verses were first recited by Duke Cariadoc
During the Reign of Finvairr ( now a Duke of the Middle) (1sr King of the 
East from within the current boundries of Atlantia (Severna Park). And 
Sean ( Master Shaugn Rubaru) hailed from with Bethesda.  Ideal raiding 
distance from downtown DC.

Bob Steele / Shinawassee Magnuson rsteele@istlab.com
775 Gateway Drive, SE # 313	  (703) 779-2061 (h)
Leesburg, Va 22075		  (703) 205-2858 (o)