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Re: Actual Miss Manners Column

Ah, the old conflict between wedding as public uniting of families 
v. wedding as a public uniting of individuals reappears in SCA  
guise. It's as old as marriage, and neither Miss Manners or anyone 
else, is going to come up with a solution that will make all happy. 
As for me, I left home at fifteen and have little sympathy with the 
family position. For those of you who are attached to families and 
forsee a SCA wedding in your future, be ready for angst and conflict. 
Don't worry too much if you offend your families though, you'll only get 
your own back in a few decades when your children refuse to go to 
those "stupid, funny costume events with you." Ah, sweet mystery and 
frustration of life in the current middle ages and beyond.


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