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Re: Authorization Cards

Evan scripsit:
>Perhaps this is a stupid question, but....

Don't worry, it's not.

>Quoth Caitlyn:

>> The verification of membership form is intended to prove to KMOL that the
>> individual has a waiver on file at Corporate.  This is in accordance with
>> Kingdom law requiring that fighters and other individuals involved in
>> activities (i.e., marshals, heralds, water bearers, etc.) be members of
>> Society who have signed waivers on file _at Corporate_.

>When was pay-to-fight made part of Atlantian Law? I was under the impression
>that the Board had made it kingdom option.


Atlantia had elected to retain pay-to-fight as of at least UnEvent in
October.  I'm not sure when the Board changed its mind so I don't know if
this decision came from Anton or Thorbrandr.  Actually, I'm not sure if it is
Kingdom *law*, but it is certainly Kingdom *policy*.