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Re: My Native Tongue

     Doggerel for Henry, from Hay-Yoo (in affectionate respect):
     To Henry words mean something else
     When he hears them said.
     He often misinterprets them
     And to misfortune's led.
     "Good Henry, would you dine with me?" 
     A smiling Duchess said.
     He heard "Gorgons fall upon us all!" 
     And in a flash, he fled.
     "Lord Henry, please to douse the lights."
     A Knight was heard to call.
     He heard "Stoke the fire to the roof." 
     And so burned down the hall.
     "Sweet Henry, come and dance with us!" 
     Two maidens caroled out.
     He heard "Your mother is an alleycat!" 
     And put them both to rout.
     So Henry, in his fence of words
     Sits sad, and all alone
     Make meanings clear! Write him a note...
     (But do not use the phone.)
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov