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Limes and Stierbach Water

Lady Miriam asks:

> 	If we put limes in the water does it alter the effects of stierbach 
> water? 

As if anything could effect Stierbach water ;-).

I've figured out that the most potent Stierbach water must be found at 
Caer Carey, the home of our stressed Kingdom Chronicler, who, upon even 
suggesting that she might think about taking over the seneschalete of 
Stierbach from my noble predessor, Lady Miriam, immediately fell pray to 
the Stierbach curse, and became pregnant.

Therefore, I advise all gentles intending to go to the Acorn folding 
party Saturday to bring their own drinks, least they too are effected by 
the potent local waters.

In service
Leifr Johansson