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Re: University lodgings


Just thought I'd let folks know that Lightfoot is a bit more than 2
miles from William and Mary-- it's more like seven or eight (or
thereabouts). Of course, if you're coming all the way to
Williamsburg, a few more miles probably won't make much difference! I
think (this means don't quote me on it) that there's also a Motel 6
in Williamsburg, and quite a bit closer than Lightfoot (even closer
to campus than the dorm I live in). You could try there...

However, if you have questions, you should try getting in touch with
Thomas (the autocrat) instead of me-- he has more information about
lodgings than I do...If you can't get hold of him, then try me. :)

Yours in Service,
Muireann ni Riordain
(Seneschale of the College of Rencester)