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Tom asks when I will stop depriving new UA Fellows of Fame and
Thank you for your question, Tom. Remember Kids: Keep those cards
and letters.
In review, one becomes a Fellow of the University of Atlantia by
teaching at three sessions. One is then entitled to display the
badge of UA: Or, an apple slipped and leaved within a wreath of
apple blossoms slipped and leaved proper. (The alert student can
detect a sinistre hand in that armory....) 
I think being a Fellow is quite an honor. The work involved in
teaching a class is often considerable. Committing to do it three
times and keeping the committment indicates good things about you.
One thing I have noted about the Fellow badge is that it is immune
to some of the negative elements of other cookies. Because the
criteria for the award is utterly objective and because it carries
NO precedence of any sort, people often have fun "lusting" after
Fellow status. Of course, I indulge such behavior, explaining that
the cookie seeker simply needs to teach "one more time" and that I
will "put in a good word" for them. It's silly. It's childish. But,
hey, they teach at the next session they can and they have fun
doing it. Whatever works, right?
Anyway, I _try_ to keep up on Fellows, each session, truly I do. At
the Steirbach UA, the only new fellow who was present was His Nibs,
Anton II, to whom I duly gave a medallion. (It was fun going into
court and giving the King an award. I wish I had noted the irony
earlier instead of as I did it. I might have tried something
flashier. Probably just as well.)
Isenfir UA, I was woefully unprepared to do anything. I didn't even
have the list with me. I packed Keilyn's and Allasondrea's masters
degrees and then *forgot the box at home*. In the end, I nearly got
mugged at my own convocation. (This time, I think I will appoint a
couple of bailiffs. University attracts a rough crowd.)
Come what may, THIS time, I will have a list in my hot little hand.
Pontoons, who will not be named in case they can't finish in time,
are working on medallions. Even if we don't have medallions, I will
call new Fellows forward and ask the crowd to say "Attaboy" or some
such to them.
For what it's worth, I find evidence of problems recognizing
Fellows in the records left by my predecessors. I have Fellow
certificates dated as far back as AS XV and signed by Elaina de
Sinistre. Yup, I have 'em right here. Elizabeth didn't give them
out. Nope, nor did Phillip or Gyrth. All four Chancellori Emeriti
are solid citizens, chock full of Noble Virtue and Good Intentions.
But I have stuff from them that is more than ten years late. Heh
heh heh.
Hey...... ummm.... just looking through these.... Does anyone know
if Ioannes Nikoais is planning to attend? His is the only name I
<ponder> Okay, I'm going to bring these things to UA38. If anyone
knows Robert Whitcome of Brandywine, Moira Maureen ua Seamus,
Giovanna Maria Hunyadi(sp) di Ghiberti, Deadra Colin Cristant
Mador, Malfalda D'Arbor, or Ioannes Nikoais, please ask them to
attend this session. Tell them to tell the registrar they are here
to see an Ancient Wrong righted.

--------- John Strauss     gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu ---------
University Atlantia #38 is April 8th at Rencester on the William
and Mary Campus. The Catalog was mailed March 24. I _still_ need
bids for UA39, July 1st. Henry Best, UA Chancellor