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Star Trek does Beowulf!

Greetings to the Merry Pranksters from Corun.

Here's something my Lady Alianora sent me. We both thought it would
be of interest to all of you as well (we're not reallly sure *why*).
SHe had already deleted it, so I'm forwarding it. Have fun.

In service,
Corun (going where no Baron has gone before)

> Thought this might be of general interest:
> >From the April 8-14 TV Guide, p. 46:
>      With the mission parameters of Star Trek: Voyager now firmly
> established, the various members of Capt. Janeway's crew are each
> getting a shot at the spotlight. In the April 24 episode (check
> local listings), it's Doc Zimmerman's turn. The imperious
> holographic medico goes through some unexpected changes when
> called upon to solve a mystery. People are disappearing from
> Voyager's holodeck, which is programmed with a simulation of the
> epic poem "Beowulf." No one can turn the holodeck off, and soon
> it actually begins pulling people inside. Once Janeway realizes
> that Zimmerman is the only one who can enter the holodeck without
> being harmed, she enlists him to help out, and he ends up a hero
> in more ways than one.
>      "I get to do all sort of exciting things," enthuses Robert
> Picardo, the actor who plays the cranky computer simulation.
> Entering the world of 6th-century Norse mythology gives Zimmerman
> an opportunity to experience things he's never experienced
> before....

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