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Medieval Irish Music

Greetings unto the Merry Rosesters!
I tried posting this several days ago, but I have not seen it appear on the
list.  So here it is a second time.  Hope it makes it!


Greetings, all!

Now, I have heard many an Irish song at many an event (including the
University post-revel), and in this fine tavern as well.  But, as we all
know, what passes as "traditional" Irish music is seldom period.  But that's
ok, because they're fun to sing and fun to hear, so Vivat to all the Irish
bards.  In actuality, you could make the case for their being psuedo-period
with documentation stating that parts of Ireland and Scotland were so
isolated that Medieval musical styles prevailed until the 19th century (I
actually have a Medieval reference book that extends the Middle Ages to the
mid 1800's for Scotland).  But that is not my point today.
I have found, and have in my posession _ACTUAL MEDIVAL IRISH MUSIC!!!!!!!_
 I'm listening to it now, and it is wonderful.  It is by a group called
Anuna.  The back cover says:
"The music of Ancient and Medival Ireland has been all but lost except for a
few strange and beautiful fragments.  The idea of ANUNA grew from their
founder and director Michael McGlynn's exploration of this music which is at
the very root of the Celtic world, both past and present.  The sound-world
created by ANUNA breaks down the thin barriers between the spiritual and the
secular, and has created a unique and haunting form that has put the group at
the forefront of the new-age of Irish and world music.  The name ANUNA is
derived from the Irish An Uaithne, which is the collective name of the three
ancient types of Irish music, Suantrai (lullaby), Geantrai (happy song) and
Goltrai (lament)."
      Folks, these guys know their stuff.  They date their songs and give
their sources.  Of the 16 tracks, only three of them are post period (one
late 18th century, one early 19th century, one late 19th century).  Most of
their other tracks are Medieval, with one dating back to the 5th century B.C.
 One 13th century song speaks of Irish warriors raiding a Viking viliage
(sweet revenge! ha-ha-ha!!!).  Some are religious (like _Chant_ with an Irish
flare), and some are secular.
     This CD is wonderful.  No, I do not work for the recording company.
 This is not a shameless plug.  I just think that anyone who is interested in
authentic Medival Irish music should have a listen to this.  The groups name
is Anuna, and the CD is just called _Anuna_.  It's produced by Celtic
Heartbeat.  Eogan gives it two flagons up!

     A' the best,