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To add to the answers Deoca recieved about her favor query, I would just like
to stress the fact that since favors are purely symbolic, they can be
anything.  My Lady Eithne is working on a favor for me that is very intricite
and detailed.  She has spent a lot of time and energy on it, to the point
where I will almost be afraid to wear it onto the feild lest it get dirty.
 In another situation, at last Winter Solstice, Kheldar was fighting a duel
against Duncan MacGregor.  He was seated at feast with several newcomer
ladies.  He wore a favor from each of them, which to me looked like the
napkins they used at feast.  The point is, a favour can be anything!

Now, in light of the recent topic, I would like to sing for you a song
about...  tada!!  Favors!  I forget for the moment who wrote it, but I first
heard it a year and a half ago at Golden Apples from Niall MacFarlane.


Upon the feild of honor
He finds himself again
Once more to face his fellows
Once more to strive to win
He looks around about him
Until at last he sights
Standing on the feild's edge
The one for whom he fights

And he's fighting for the glory
And he's fighting for the prize
But most of all he fights to see
The light shine in her eyes

To him she is beauty
To him she is grace
His very soul's inspired
Each time he sees her face
What good is the glory
Without her there to care
Pointless are the prizes 
Without someone to share


Upon his belt her token
For everyone to see
There is a lady for whom
He fights so nobley
She will always be there
To watch, to praise, to heal
To be the one who's worthy
Of the devotion that he feels