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Open letter to Melys from Peter Hawkyns

Greetings from Peter Hawkyns.
Tho' normally an innocent bystander to the goings-on of this
Net system, I feel obligated to reply in defense of the
argument brought forth by Melys. It is our duty as an
educational recreational society to do just that: educate.
If the public
at large has difficulty in comprehending the scope of the
Society, it is our duty to instruct them. There are any number
of ways to do this. It is up to the creativity of the
anachronistic individual to offer explanation of our
activities, if so asked. It is also well known that our Society
is not for everyone. Unfortunate, but true. This is not a
discriminatory statement, just one of fact that I have
experienced. However, we satisfy our obligation to the scope of
the Society by offering explanation, not capitulation to the
cultural and/or moral norms of any given area.
I do think that the examples provided by Master Thomas were
just that: hypothetical examples. I do not think that they were
meant to be taken as "gospel." :) Thank you.

Peter Hawkyns
(typed by Elenore :) (not to be taken as the opinion of the
typist or the Shire of Drachentor)