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Re: May Acorn, g&pd 6

Alfredo al Bufon suggests some minor modifications to our image (which 
I summarize for brevity): 

>"The Middle Ages" should not be "the Period"

Actually, I think we would be just fine as long as we made sure to refer 
to our area of interest (the Middle Ages) as the "Second Period". 

>Fighting = Hockey

Actually either hockey or Cambok, depending on which sticks Dafydd 
brings along.

>Garb not allowed

Oh, I don't know. You should see Gyrth and Dafydd playing hockey in 
their hoods.

>The King = MVP

The Prince can be "a Draft Pick to be Named Later"?

>The name = Funtime Hockey Club

I would recommend that we use the Alternate Decoding of the TLA SCA:
Southern Cambok Association. (As Dafydd will gleefully tell you, "You 
are ALL Southerners, eh!")

Defenseman for the OldCastle "Brass Hats" Hockey Team