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Re: Collapsible, Transportable, Beds

Greetings from Tibor.

Earl Dafydd wrote:
                                The bed takes up a full room of our
  10'x20' hermetically sealed modern three-room tent (with plywood
  flooring, carpet, clothes racks, and so on).

It's worth note a few minor things.  For my rope bed, I use an air mattress.
This transmits heat like crazy: on one cold night of only 45 degrees or so,
I got quite chilled.  The foam mattress that Earl Dafydd mentions might be a
bigger win.

My queen sized bed takes up far more space in my 9x12 foot tent than I like:
I should have made it twin sized.  On the other hand, it doubles the useful
space for storage in the tent: be sure and make or buy a number of
containers that slide easily under the bed, and you will never run out of
storage room.  That, and a small hanging rack for clothes that don't fold
well, and you are in business.