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Finals of Crown

Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl greets all who hear these words.

It has come to my attention that there may be some misunderstanding
about the first fight of the Finals of Crown, between Cuan and myself.

I fought that fight sitting on my butt by no choice of my own.  When
I went down on my knees Michael stopped the fight and informed me
that, since the blow had hit me in the butt, I must fight the remainder
of the bout sitting down, not on my knees.  It was not my choice, it
was not Cuan's choice.  Cuan was as confused as I was by the King's

I am saying this because some people have asked me why I fought sitting
down, at great disadvantage, rather than kneeling, as is normal and
customary.  I did it because the King told me I must, not by my own

Dafydd ap Gwystl