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Re: Braveheart

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Karl William Kieninger wrote:

> As a friend of mine said yesterday,
>         "They got the part about William Wallace being Scottish
> right."
> I enjoyed it though.  See it for the customs and the battles, not
> for the dream sequences.

When I first heard about the movie, my first guess was that it might be
about Robert the Bruce, since there is a legend that, upon his death, he
ordered that his heart be removed and taken to Jerusalem and placed in the
Holy Sepulchre (or something to that effect).  So, one of his close
comrades took the task upon himself, and was beset upon by Moors or Turks,
and he threw Robert's heart into the fray of the battle, of course taking
time to speak some poem about Robert's brave heart and so on.  It would
make a great movie, especially the Battle of Bannockburn!

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