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A&S War Point

     Greetings, all.
     Just another cross-post.

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Subject: A&S War Point
Author:  sca-east@world.std.com at smtpgate
Date:    6/4/95 9:41 PM

>From the Midrealm mailing list.  It doesn't seem to have been forwarded to 
the East.
Unto the populace of the Middle and East Kingdoms do Countess Aria de Chatillon,
OL, and Lady Melisande of Woodcrest, KMoAS, send greetings:
On behalf of Their Majesties of the Middle and East Kingdoms, please accept an 
invitation to view the first Arts Champions Competition to be held at Pennsic. 
This will count as a War Point.  The details of the competition are as follows:
The competition will be held on Thursday, August 17, from 10am-3pm in the joint 
Royal Encampment.  An open house will be held from 3-5pm.  Performance will 
begin at 2:00pm, and performers will judge each othe.  Listeners are welcome. 
Entries will be works completed within the last year and never before exhibited,
and will include written documentation to include a bibliography of sources, but
will not include the name or Kingdom affiliation of the competitor.  
The competition will be limited to 25 competitors on each team.  
The exhibit will be judged by the following: Companions of the Laurel, 
Companions of the Willow, Companions of the Silver Oak, Companions of the 
Maunche (order members are strongly encouraged to wear their medallions for 
entry).  Each judge will be given a total of six "beans."  They may allot these 
in whatever manner they choose.  Comment sheets will be provided so that judges 
may offer input on individual works, but these will not affect competition 
results - they are simply a means to open communications between competitors and
judges.  Competitors who are also judging are requested not to judge their own 
The total number of beans will be counted at the end of the exhibiting period; 
the Kingdom with the most beans carries the point.
At the end of the competition phase, an "open house" will begin so that the 
general public may view the exhibit.  Competitors will be asked to stop in and 
stand near their works in order to accessible to the public.  Refreshments and 
entertainmant will be provided.
We are very excited that this event is to be held, and hope that it will serve 
as a forum for the best artists of each Kingdom to meet and exchange ideas, and 
to demonstrate the skills each Kingdom has learned over the years.  It is our 
hope that all of us will enter this with enthusiasm and goodwill - our aim is to
promote our crafts and learn from each other.  Please take time to stop by the 
exhibit to show your support for this endeavor and to meet competitors from 
other Kingdoms.
If any of you have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact 
us.  Our goal in coordinating this event is to represent both Kingdoms, with the
intent that it will run smoothly enough to become an annual part of Pennsic. 
Please accept our thanks for your support.
Aria de Chatillion Melisande of Woodcrest 
Rita M. Linck  Cathy Akers-Jordan
220 W. Kleinhans St. 846 S. State St. #150 
Easton, PA  18042 Davison, MI  48423
(610) 559-8085 (hm) (810) 658-8009
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