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Re: Re[2]: Finances

Mistress Keilyn recently wrote me a letter asking:

>>>     Not exactly a finances question, although it may be, but what ever 
     happened to the Oak that Dafydd was working on in January?
     Inquiring minds....

The Oak?? What's an oak??? I don't remember no Oak???

No... seriously... It actually is a finance question... Because postage rates
increased at the first of the years and my last two stipend checks did not
relect that increase, I was running low on $$ and had to make sure I had
enough to mail the Acorn out (That HAS to go out)... So the Oak has been
sitting in my foyer bagged tagged and  ready to go.... My stipend check
arrived yesterday and the Oak will go to the post office tomorrow morning.
  All things being equal (*since it will be mailed third class) You all
should expect to see it sometime in the next two weeks....

My deepest apologies to Master Dafydd for the unbelievable delays he has had
to endure at my hands...I'll make it up to you someday... I promise....  (but
how....now there's a question...)

Anne Elizabeth