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Re: Unsubscribe

On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, Karl William Kieninger wrote:

> SOmeone please remind us all of wear we should send request to
> change subscription status.  I know it is not to the main list,
> but I forget wear it is so I have not told Mr Keefer how to
> actually get unsubscribed.  I expected it is something like
> to: majordomo@netcom.com or listserv@netcom.com
> unsubscribe:atlantia-l
> but I don't know exactly.
> Thanks
> Frithuric

All subscription requests and unsubscription requests *must* go
to listserv@netcom.com.  They take the following format:

subscribe atlantia-l


unsubscribe atlantia-l

I'm currently working an a FAQ for this list that I hope will
relieve some of these problems.

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