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Looking for SCA near DC

Can anyone out there help this person?  I don't have an Acorn, Drekker, or
Il Tempo at hand.


> Greetings.  I have just discovered this group.  I am from Adiantum in An Tir 
> and have temporarily relocated to the East.  I am extremely homesick for the 
> SCA and would like to get involved again.  If anyone can e-mail information 
> about up-coming local events (I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check 
> this group so e-mail would be best) I would really appreciate it.
> Thank you
> Acacia Gryffyn - House deGrey
> (Tandi Graff)
> tgraff@hr.house.gov

If you knew me, you'd know GTE would never let me represent their opinion in anyway