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Re: Men of Harlock

I enjoyed reading both songs.

>          Men of Harlech, in the hollow
>          Do ye hear like rushing billow
>          Wave on wave that surging follow
>          Battle's distant sound?
>          'Tis the tramp of Saxon foemen,
	Saxon spearmen, Saxon bowmen.
>          Be they knights or hinds or yeomen,
>          They shall bite the ground.
>          Loose the folds asunder!
>          Flag we conquer under!
>          The placid sky, now bright on high,
>          Shall launch it's bolts in thunder!
>          Onward, 'tis our country needs us!
>          He is bravest he who leads us,
>          Honor's self now proudly heeds us---
>          Freedom, God, and Right!

This stanza was the only one given when I learned
this song in elementary school (in Pittsburgh, PA).
I notice that you left out a line.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a song in honor of
one Rhys of Harlech, who was then King of the East,
and I set it to this tune because I suspected that
it was a favorite of his.  I left out the little
|: repeat :| segni so that I could leave out the
second quatrain.  It went something like this:

Many roles has Rhys of Harlech;
He does not have time to frolic.
He must be a workaholic,
At all this at once:
First a royal squire.
Then, a royal choir.
And then, anon, the King's Champion,
And yet did he continue to strive higher!
Now he dwells within the palace
As our new Rex Orientalis.
How didst thou accomplish all this
In just forty month?

-- Alfredo el Bufon