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Re: This little Viking +...

In a message dated 95-06-22 21:57:26 EDT, Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com writes:

>At Emerald Joust, Lady Mirium told Ana Ilevna and I a wonderful
>verse.  We
>would like to know if any of you has the last line to:
>        This little Viking sacked Paris
>        This little Viking sacked Rome
>        This little Viking sacked London
>        This little Viking stayed home
>        And THIS little Viking ....
                                                went straight to therapy
because all his supposed friends jumped on the internet and made horrible fun
at his ankles in a forum that could be read by umpteen millions of people and
the anxiety was just too damn much and then this little psuedo viking wrote a
nasty little psuedo viking song that got us in all kinds of trouble with
Norway and that hatred and disgust with the state of the American people grew
in Norway and spread to the rest of Europe and the world began to
change...(GASP)....for the worse and anarchy began to reign and the SCA
thought that was pretty cool, actually, BUT THAT DIDN"T MATTER and the entire
world was enveloped in chaos and good bagels got hard to find and the world
just couldn't heal from this horrid wound until they found the last bastion
of captialism left where people would line up by the millions before the
rumored resting site of the PC that the nasty little viking song was written
with and they would spit on it for a couple bucks a lunger.

The moral of this story is......HAAAAWWKKK! PTOOEY! This is one fun thread
and I needed it.  Thanks Y'all.

No offense intended....hope you don't mind my humor.

Falcone Raassouli Ita Ravin
(Insert three Email addresses of your own choosing and any irrelevant
corporate confession you like here, then read gratuitous, irrelevant, and
rather subjectively humorous quote below)

"I dropped my toothpaste", Tommy said crestfallen.

P.S. No fair, Ellwood.  You used up all the puns while I was away!!!