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Re: Puns

<Meli groans with delight, forwards this message to several heraldically or 
pun-ically inclined friends, then realizes she simply must write to say:>

My lords and ladies,

	This has been a vairy amusing thread, no matter who we be--Drunken 
Badgers OR members of Argent company .... or from wherever else we may come as 
supporters of this Tavern List.  I azure you, I have laughed so hard I've 
hardly been able to pile on my workload at the office, but have gotten fretty 
watching my mailbox for further installments.  I even had to take a cough 
lozenge to make it through the morning ....  it's all beginning to bordure on 
the sublime, truly it is!  And if I can remain Vert-ical through the long 
afternoon, after being up too many hours testing software in the sable 
darkness of night, I may even take a moment to try and find a punnish way to 
make use of some of the harder heraldic terms (anyone want to try and stretch 
for purpure, tenne, saltire and nombril???), but as tired as I am, I cannot be 
sanguine of the outcome--since I have quarterly reports due by close of 
business today .... which will require dexter-ous feats to complete ....

<duck, run, giggle ....>

> Ellwood dixit, 
> > Heralds don't pun.  We cant.....  The puns are starting to run 
> > rampant, so don't be so combattant about it.  I was ready to field 
> > even more puns, so they're still some left, right? 
> That sounds rather sinister.  Beyond the pale, even. 
> You should fess up, say, "Sorry about that Cheif," and stop finding 
> such base ways to bend the language. 
> -- Alfredo el Bufon 
> hopkins@dg-rtp.dg.com