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From the PENNSIC Chirurgeon-in-charge

Greetings to all From Master Brusten de Bearsul,
Chirurgeon-in-Charge, Pennsic 24.

There will indeed be a blood drive at Pennsic this year. The actual collection
site will be the Portersville Rescue Squad HQ building, due to Health Dept.
regulations, with shuttle service from Pennsic. The blood drive is scheduled
for Tuesday, August 15th. The following eligability information is from Pam
Hinchberger, the Red Cross Coordinator for the Pennsic Blood Drive.

Age: minimun 17 years old. No maximum age.

HIV/AIDS: you are asked NOT to donate if you fall into any of the following
        Males who have had sex with another male, even once.
        Anyone who has taken street drugs with a needle.
        Anyone who has had a positive test for the HIV anti-body.
        Males or Females who are currently prostitutes or who have been one
        since 1977.

ALLERGIES: Allergies are generally not a cause for deferal unless you are
        currently experiencing symptoms.

BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS: You must wait 12 months after receiving blood unless
        only your own blood was transfused.

COLDS: You may not donate if you have a cold, flu, sore throat, or other
        type of infection.

DENTAL WORK: 3 days after dental surgery, immediately after tooth extraction
        fillings, or cleaning as long as you are not taking any follow-up
        medication and there is no infection.

DIABETICS: You may donate even if on insulin, provided the insulin protocol
        has been established at least 2 weeks.

EPILEPSY: You may donate if you have been seizure free for 3 months with or
        without medication.

FREQUENCY: You may donate ever 56 days, on or after the 56th day.

HEPATITIS: If you have had hepatitis on or after your 11th birthday you may
        NOT donate blood.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: You may donate if you are taking medication to control
        your blood pressure AND your blood pressure is within acceptable
        range on the day you donate.

MEDICATIONS: Most medications do not interfere with donations, but you must
        check with the nurse at the donation site.

NURSING MOTHERS: A nursing mother may donate blood.

PREGNANCY: A woman may donate 6 weeks after a normal delivery, abortion,
        miscarrage, or caesarean section if she has been released from
        physicians care and returned to normal activity.

TATTOOS: You must wait 12 months after being tattooed before donating blood.

TRAVEL: You must wait 6 months after travel to a malarial area, or 3 years
        after travel to a malarial area and taking anti-malarial drugs,

WEIGHT: Minimum 105 lbs,  Maximum 350 lbs.

CANCER, HEART PROBLEMS, OR SURGERY: Call the nursing department at

If you wish to sign up to donate at Pennsic, you may email me before August 1
at ah488@dayton.wright.edu with your name (both SCA & mundane, please) and
address, or you may contact the Red Cross directly at
        American Red Cross,
        Butler Co. Chapter
        Attn Pam Hinchberger
        312 Mercer St.
        Butler PA 16001
        fax (412)283-6692

Sign-ups sheets and further information will also be available at Chirurgeons
point and Heralds point at Pennsic. It is requested that you sign up at least
48 hours in advance so adequate staffing from the Red Cross may be assured.

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Permission to cross-post is freely given.