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Henry's Ankles - Late Entry

To all who frequent The Merry Rose does Lady Aislynn Fyrrlocc send 
greetings, (through her humble proxy, Lady Ysabeau Madeleine de Gascogne)

Lady Aislynn has asked me to post a message on her behalf, as she is digging 
herself out from underneath large piles and stacks of moving boxes.  Yes, 
she moved to a new residence on Saturday, July 1st.

Lady Aislynn wishes to inform all judges and other interested parties that 
she will not get her submission in on time for the Henry's Ankles contest 
because of the aforementioned move on July 1st.  She asks for an extension 
of the deadline so that she may finish her entry.  Would she be permitted to 
submit her entry on Wednesday?

If not, Lady Aislynn extends her best wishes to all those who got an entry 
in before the deadline.

Thanks to all!
>From Lady Aislynn and her cyber-scribe (that's me!)  =)