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Re: Factoids

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    : Hggerald@aol.com_at_INTERNET at X400PO
    His Grace, the goodly Duke Gyrth comments on the ennumeration
    of the populace, using the body parts of Sir Strykar as
    measurement tool:

Good day,
{Strykar's nose counts.}  Mirabile dictu!  I have known Sir Strykar, man and
boy, for nearly 20 years.  This is the first I heard tell that individual
body parts of the estimable gentleman are capable of computation.  Do his
lips divide?  Do his ears multiply?

-- Gyrth

    I fall prey to my baser instincts, and however ill-advisedly,

    If indeed his ears do multiply, we may have found cause for the
    population boom in Ponte Alto and Steirbach.  As I recall,
    Sir Strykar's ears do wave proudly in the breeze and do so
    quite brazenly in public places - uneclipsed as they are these
    days by flowing curls.

    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov

    p.s.: If anyone knows of a merchant who will be at Pennsic
    selling books, could they share with me said merchant's name
    and address?