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Re: Pennsic is a cummin in

Chiming in with Corun and Razmus, et al, regarding the joys of roof racks:
>THe Honda roof racks, apart from being prohibitively expensive, offer only
>inline racks. That is, two racks that run along the roof parallel to the
>length of the car. There are no cross racks. The Thule's I have, apart
>from locking against the inside of the door so that the door slams on them
>to help secure the, offer cross members that run the width of the car,
>extending over the edge of the door somewhat. Consequently, nothing that
>I put on the racks ever comes into contact with the roof of the car. This
>makes it easier to run ropes or other tie-downs under the load, thus
>securing it better.

The importance of this cannot be overstated! My lord has the good fortune
(insufficient reluctance!) to be Chamberlain for the East, which requires
us to overload my Isuzu Trooper in this way every weekend. If you don't
have the cross bars and just tie everything down from the top, it will all
bounce. This is both annoying and destructive.
>the only unfortunate side effect of all this is, once the tarp covers
>the lot, the car takes on the appearance of that nifty submarine in the
>film "Fantastic Voyage", the Proteus.

Not to mention being reduced to some truly heinous mpg! :)