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Looking Accountant in NoVA

Greetings my lords & ladies,

  I know this is slightly outside the normal range of topic on Atlantia-L,
but I could use some mundane help.  I am currently trying to set up a small
business, and need to hire the services of a accountant/book keeper.
 Hopefully this company will grow from a single consultant to a multiperson
(but fairly small) firm.  The person I am looking for would have experience
in handling setting up such a company, especially the bookkeeping, tax
records and goverment requirements.
  If anyone knows such a person, I can be reached at my home (703-391-5681)
or the Internet (MageSteve@AOL.Com).  Either contact me with the persons
name, or have him/her contact me directly.

Thank you!!!

Steve Sheets
Mage Software