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Is Guido a Laurel (etc..)?

Francois asks:

>OK, so here's a question: when an award of any kind is given in the SCA,
>it's really the person, not the persona, who holds it, right? That's why
>Guido is a Count, right? Well, so, is Guido also a Master of the Laurel and
>the Pelican? (OK, so I can see Laurel--"con artist" comes to mind.  :-)

Guido is a Count because 1) I decided he would be, and 2) I have won a
Crown, so I had the option.  Guido is neither a Laurel nor a Pelican;
he may or may not be a knight depending upon whether a rich father in
Italy (whose rank was MUCH higher than knight) would have knighted him.
I made Guido a Count because I wanted him to be a dissolute noble, and
that works best if he was born rich, and lost his money through his
wastrel ways and had to learn some low skills to make his way in the
world.  As opposed to Dafydd, who went the opposite way--he was born
a poor black child (whoops, wrong movie...) I mean, he was born a
younger son of a poor Welsh nobleman and had to make his way through
skill at arms (and other things) in the wars in France.

If, or when, I win another Crown tournament, Guido will still be a Count.
(Although the temptation to become either the Doge or Il Duce exists :^).

With Guido I attempt to maintain a much closer correspondence to the
real middle ages, and I don't worry about "maintaining" Guido in the
SCA awards and peerages.  So in one sense, Guido is a more medieval
person than Dafydd (although at the same time, Guido is more of a
caricature, personality-wise).

I hope nobody is confused by this--sometimes I confuse myself :^)

David Kuijt
	who plays both Dafydd ap Gwystl and Guidobaldi de Ghisolieri