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Re: Awards (was re: Peers recognized)

Yaakov pondered (in an earlier message which probably dates back eons ago 
but because I've been on email sporadically I have only just read) a 
possible feast/event for scribes ... I'd offer the College of St. Stephen 
for a possible site, but it would unfortunately mean that we'd have to 
stick with dining hall food (unless my Clever Plot For SCA Feasts @ GMU 
works, and I will need to test that out later this autumn just for kicks) 
... and I'd offer St. Stephen's Day for a day to celebrate the Scribes of 
Atlantia, 'cept that's Dec. 26 ... :)

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal,
leaving for Philly in a week to work at on-site convention registration 
for a few thousand journalists but wishing she could be on the other side 
of that state ... :(