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Toy Balls (summary)

Hi all -

Thank you for all of your wonderful replies!!  The summary is:

Made of leather (sewn out of a circle at each pole and orange-section-like
pieces) and stuffed with wool scraps, straw, feathers, horse hair, dog hair,
cat hair, etc.  These balls can be stuffed firmly or loosely depending on
what you want to play.  (For Cambok I recommend stuffing firmly, but not to

A wad of rags bound with lots of yarn.  These can be encased in leather if

A blown up bladder encased in leather, sewn as above.  This person also
sugessted that one could buy a ball in a toy store and encase it in leather.

Wooden balls either plain or wrapped in rags then wrapped again in yarn.

Balls can be made in any size, from golf ball to soccer ball size.

The info you all sent was WONDERFUL!


        - Anarra