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The Mirror of Atlantia

Welcome back from Pennsic everyone!  I hope you all had a great time!

I received this story from a man in An Tir whose been in the SCA since God
was Young ;).  I hadn't heard of the Mirror of Atlantia.  Is it still in the
royal regalia?  I've only been to one coronation.


        - Anarra

Draggi wrote:
> >Physically polishing the mirror supposedly wouldn't work 
> >until you took care of your spirit first, then the mirror would always be
> >bright and clear and shiny.  The Crowns of Atlantia have one; ask them
> >it sometime.

Anarra Responded: 
> Do tell about the Atlantia mirror.  I've only been in Atlantia a year and
> have never heard of it.

Draggi responded:

   Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but here's the story.

   At the time of the Twenty Year Celebration, the Crown of Atlantia had 
just been won by a gentleman with a Japanese persona, using Japanese-style
armor and fighting techniques.  I still had a Japanese persona myself at 
the time and thought this was too neat for words.  I found their phone 
number and called and talked to them for a while.  I asked if it would be 
okay for me to send them something of Japanese design for them to add to 
the regalia.  They said yes, so - - 

   One of our "super-duke"s is also a -very- good artist.  I asked him to 
make me, for presentation to the Thrones of Atlantia at TYC, a mirror out 
of 1/4" (I think) bronze.  It was to be eight-sided, with each side shaped 
like the tip of a lotus petal.  On the back, he etched the Arms/Device of 
Atlantia within a laurel wreath or something like it.  The face of it, 
which could be used to put on make-up, straighten your hair or crown, or 
anything else you use a mirror for, had the following words etched around 
the edge, so that you *-had-* to see the words every time you used it:

     "Your First Duty -- The Peace and Prosperity of Your People"
This was based on the principle, in Japan at least, that duty & fealty & 
all the rest of it was a *-TWO-*-way street!!  You had all kinds of things 
that your overlord could demand and/or expect of you, but there were things
he -HAD- to do in return or else the "contract" was broken and you could 
laugh at him -in- -public-, if you wanted to (and you thought you could get 
away with that great an insult, unless he had done or not done something 
so awful as to warrant it, in which case you were probably safe ... etc, 
etc, etc).  [Japanese behaviour and etiquette is a -very- tricky swamp to 
try to navigate even when you (think you) know what you're doing.]

   Duke Torgul made it.  I brought it with me to TYC.  I polished the hell 
out of it before it was presented.  We both presented it to the Thrones and 
I gave a quick and short explanation of it, what it meant, what was to be 
done with it, etc.  (This was actually for the sake of the populace because
the King & Queen already knew it all; I had talked to them beforehand.)

   It was supposed to be part of the Royal Regalia and ceremoniously 
"presented" to each new King & Queen.  It was supposed to be kept polished 
at all times and hung in the Royal Pavilion so all could see that it was 
being kept bright.  (Thus, the populace would see that the Crowns were ever 
mindful of their "peace & prosperity" -- i.e. if The Mirror wasn't being 
cared for or cared for properly, anyone could easily see this from a short 
distance away: The Mirror would be dull, tarnished or not even there.)

   What has actually happened to it?  I have no idea.  I would hope that 
it continues to grace the Thrones of Atlantia and, in its own tiny way, 
helps contribute to the honor of the Crowns and the well-being and concern
the Crown has for Its people and vice versa.  And not knowing, I can but 
hope and Dream.....

   Hope this has explained what you want to know.  If not, please contact 
me any time.
   Ciao!     Uncle Draggi, the GentleWizard, of An Tir; OIC, MPel, .....