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For all those interested in attending the Coronation of TRH Cuan & Brigit,
here is information that wasn't in the flyer.

SITE - This is a Boy Scout tent camping site, very similar to Brady Saunders
in VA.  
MERCHANTS - There is lots of wonderful land available in the Town.  There is
no additional fee to merchant.  You may camp with your store; bathhouse
facilities are close by.  To reserve prime store location, contact Lady
Aileen (910)864-1248.  
ARCHERY - There will be target archery competition.
TOURNEYS - The rapier tourney will be held in the morning, BEFORE the final
court of TRM.  
The format for the afternoon's heavy tourneys is as follows.  First, a grand
melee with 3-fighter teams, one team member must use something other than
sword&shield.  Then, a bearpit with two bears.
KIDS - Lots of activities throughout the day, including playtime during Final
Court/Coronation Ceremonies.  Also an A&S contest, and boffer tourney.
PALIO - Bring your Atlantian coinage and bring your ponies.
ENTERTAINMENT -  Court dancing day and night.  Bardic circle, Middle-Eastern
dancing at night.  Musicians who wish to play for dancing, bring your
instruments.  Rabah and Cara will set up their Caravan in the Town Tavern,
bring your Atlantian coinage.  Wandering entertainers performing for pay are

In Service to the Kingdom of Atlantia,