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Re: N. Va. Address List ?

Indeed there is such a thing!

The "Uno Libro" (the "one book"), a directory of Ponte Alto, was published 
by the Chronicler (me!) last month.  It was sent out to all who subscribe 
to Il Tempo ("the times"), Ponte Alto's newsletter. Additional copies are 
available from me for $1, which essentially covers copying and postage.

You, sir, were included in the directory, and I thank you for returning 
the card. I have included in the directory only those people who returned 
the form giving me permission, because I recognize that some people get 
itchy about being included in anything that looks like a mailing list.

If anyone wants a copy, please contact me.
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>I recall that early this year, filling out ( and Mailing ?) a post Card 
>passed out at the fighting practices held GMU to be included an N. Va. 
>address list.  I have not heard of or seen such a list published.  Can 
>anyone tell me anything about it? 
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