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Host Name Change -Forwarded

TERAFAN'S  host is changing names   (AGAIN)


      Date:  09/05/1995  11:53 am  (Tuesday)  
      From:  Bill Starnes
        To:  starnesb
   Subject:  Host Name Change

To comply with Army domain name standards, the official Internet address for
the Fort Bragg MAN has been changed to "emh5.bragg.army.mil".  The
system will still accept mail addressed to the old "bragg-emh5.army.mil"
address but please inform everyone who sends you mail of the new host
address as convenient.  All outgoing mail has shown the new address for a
couple of weeks now so some may already be aware of the change.

Your correct Internet address is

  <your MAN login ID>@emh5.bragg.army.mil



DOIM Information Center

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