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Need email address for Niall and/or Teleri


For that matter, any Pontoon contact will do -- On 21 October, 
Tysons-Pimmitt Library will be having a 10th anniversary celebration. One 
of their people is a coworker of mine, Connie Cordovilla. She wants to 
know if Ponte Alto, or the fighter contingent thereof, is interested in a 
demo that afternoon. Best bet for return contact is her, 
ccordovi@aftemail.attmail.com, with cc to my AFT address, 
dguptill@aftemail.attmail.com. Stuff sent to those addresses gets 
autoforwarded to our in-house mail.


*** Dexter C. Guptill, Computer Services, American Fed of Teachers
*** Cmdr, 49th VA Vol Inf, CSA (N-SSA); Pvt, Hampden's Regt of Foote (ECW)
*** AKA Ld. Erich von Kleinfeld, Stierbach, Atlantia (SCA)
DISCLAIMER: This is me, not AFT. They'd freak over some of my opinions...:-)