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Pied Piper classes at 3YC

Greetings from the Barony of Montengarde in the Kingdom of
An Tir,

My lords and ladies,

As you know, our Kingdom is hosting 3YC next June. I am
attempting to organize some classes for children at the event,
and I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who would be
willing to help me in this project.

I am aware that many people have not settled their travel plans
yet, and that any planning at this stage must, of course, be
tentative. However, if you might be able to teach a class if you
do come - and we here do hope that you will be joining us -
please contact me that we may discuss it.

Any suggestions for classes, even if you would not be able to
teach them yourself, are also welcomed.

Thank you for your time.

Nan Compton (mka Bess Anderson)         eanderso@acs.ucalgary.ca
Barony of Montengarde
                                   Tolle legens!