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Re: A hypothetical $3


Mustafa inquires:
>To begin with, let's pretend that I'm the autocrat for an event, and that
>is why I am interested in finding out what guidance can be found here.
>For this event, the site costs our group nothing, so I charge NO SITE FEE.
>We have a feast, of course, and charge those who eat enough to cover the
>cost of the preparations.
>Now, as I read the BOD rulings on the matter, since there is no site fee,
>there should be no non-member charge.

You are exactly correct. No site fee, no tax. Another way around the tax is
to make the event "unofficial" (i.e. no flyer in the Acorn), although this
is not viable for large events, nor one where "official" awards are presented.

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