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D.C. area book signing - TNCM

     Please excuse me for making a general announcement, but I've had too 
     many individual inquires to answer one at a time.
     Print Run #2 of "The New Carolingian Modelbook:  Counted Embroidery 
     Patterns from Before 1600" will be shipped starting October 15 to 
     people who are holding back-orders.  The publisher informs me that he 
     will be sending inventory first to dealers, stores and those who have 
     placed group orders, then be filling single copy orders.  He expects
     to have all outstanding requests filled by the 25th.
     In other news, I've been invited by a mundane needlework store to do a 
     book signing here in the Washington, D.C. area.  The Yarn Shop in 
     College Park, MD (on Route 1 just past the University of Maryland 
     campus) is hosting this "event" on Saturday, October 28, from 12:00 to 
     3:00.  I told them I'd be there with some of my work.
     I'd like to invite any and all to drop in (with or without your 
     stitching).  I'd be happy to sign books previously purchased, bought 
     that day; or just to chat about period embroidery.
     I'll be bringing garb to display, but not to wear.  I also hope to 
     round up some quasi-official SCA intro literature to help answer 
     If anyone needs better directions, or has a lead on who might have 
     flyers or other suitable written materials, please feel free to eMail 
     me in reply.
     Standard mini disclaimer - I have no financial interest in The Yarn 
     Shop, other than hoping that they sell a ton of my books. :)
     Again, excuse me for posting blantant commercialism.  I hope that 
     enough SCAdians show up that we have a stitching circle full of 
     interest-grabbing period work, and end up finding undiscovered kindred 
     spirits in mundania.
     -Ianthe d'Averoigne              kim.salazar@em.doe.gov