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Early Scots Music Book Available

Good gentles & friends,

	This was sent to me this morning from a harper's list in which I 
participate, and I bethought me to share it with all of you.  Many of these 
songs are probably older than their original pub date, and so would be 
arguably period for us.  I'm going to send for it, and if anyone's interested, 
I will post a review of it when I've had a chance to play through it.

	Blessings on you all this soggy morning in Ponte Alto,


New! Book of Early Scots music

I have finally finished and published my transcriptions of two early
lute manuscripts from Scotland, originally written in tablature.  The Sir   
William of Mure Rowallan Ms. was written ca.1618; the Graham copy of the
Straloch ms.,ca. 1627-1629.  Many of the tunes are entitled "port", most 
likely indicating their origins as harp music.Some of the music can be 
defined as "musik fyne"- music played in the courts and manors of 17th 
century Scotland. Some show a clear French influence with dance titles
such as "curent",and "volte".  There was a great deal of cross-pollination
in music of this time, not only among Scotland, England and France, but
among the genres of music within Scotland, from ballad to street music
to court and back again via song, dance, and through the church, which 
often used  popular songs and laundered the words. Whatever the source, this
music is delightful, and deserves to be heard again.

My book is titled "Castle and Court Music of Scotland".  It contains 52 pages,
37 tunes. I have transcribed those melodies that I found most playable on
the wire, gut or nylon harp, though they work very well on guitar, keyboard
or any combination that plays treble and bass.

If you would like a copy,  please send email to 

and you will get further information.  

Cynthia Crawford