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Reminder of Roses III Event (2nd try)

Date:  Thu, Sep 28, 1995 11:09 AM EDT
From:  Mage Steve
Subj:  Reminder of Roses III Event
To:      atlantia-l@netcom.com

Posted on: America Online (using MAC)

SEPTEMBER 30, 1995  

The Marques is dead.  The identity of the real heiress is in dispute.  The
Four Families each back a different heiress.  Hostilities mount, WAR IS
IMMINENT, and Pirates and Gypsies disturb commerce.  The Lord Justiciar and
the Merchants Guild bribes entreats the Four Great Families to settle the
dispute by bringing forth evidence supporting the validity of their
candidateis claim.   Tourneys, Activities, & Scheduled starting times: Site
Opens (9:30).  A&S List 

Opens / Authorizations / Open Archery Practice: (10:30).  Opening Ceremonies 

Heavy: Warlord Tourney (teams, 11:45), Ransom Tourney (2:00).  

Rapier:  Labyrinth Tourney (12:00), Boat Boarding Battles (teams, 1:30).  

Archery:  Period Shoot (11:45), Storming The Castle Shoot (teams, 
1:00), IKAC (3:00). 

Games: Sailor Rope Games (11:45), Gambling Den (11:45),  Quest Tourney
(11:45, judging:  2:30), Boat Races (entries must be sea-worthy, adult and
childrenis divisions, 4:00).  Kids - A&S activities (1:00), Gypsy Fair Games

Arts & Sciences Competition Judging Times:   Best Boat (any period floatable
substance, criteria: seaworthiness and aesthetics) (3:30).  Beer, Cordials,
Illuminated Writing (explain how related to Eventis theme) (1:30).  Best
Evidence (any medium, special award for most creative explanation why your
Roseis claim is best &/or discrediting another Rose), Best Bribe (Period and
Other) (3:00).  Winner Best Evidence Category gets a $20 Gift Certificate to
Borders Books.  Bardic (any medium, categories: Usurpers, Rogues, Why your
"Rose" is the worthiest/discrediting another Rose) (audience judging), Belly
Dancing (audience judging) (2:00).  RAFFLE for the JUDGESHIPS of the beer and
cordial tasting competitions.  Dancing Throughout the Day and the
Mediterranean Feast!  Site Closes (11:00 P.m.) 

Location:  St. Timothyis Episcopal Church, 432 Van Buren Street, Herndon,

Cost:  On Board $13/$15; Children 0-5 free/free, 6-12 $6/$7.  Off Board 1/2
price(round down).  Non-members add $3.  Special daytripping & offboard rate:
Families with 2+ kids fees capped at $15/$20M & $27/$31NM; students with
valid school i.d. two dollars off.  Lower rate applies before 9/9/95.  Make
checks payable to the Barony of Ponte Alto/SCA, Inc.   

Reservations:  Lady Tehair MacDiarmada, m/k/a Sue Metzler, 9301 48th Place,
College Park, Maryland 20740, (301) 474-3344.  Crash space available. 

Merchants Welcome/Sought!   

OTHER INFORMATION:   This is the last chapter of the Tournament of Roses
trilogy.  Upon  arrival each participant will receive a sack of icoinsi and
join a family faction.  The object is to collect icoinsi from other
participants while retaining your own through winning purses in the planned
events, through impromptu encounters with other participants, through betting
on the prowess of your faction in the lists & ranges or by other imaginative
means.  (Beware of Thieves!)  At 5:00 will judge which faction has raised the
largest warchest.  EACH member of the faction with the largest warchest will
receive a prize.  The site is WET.   Lunch is available for an additional
modest fee.   

DIRECTIONS:  Take the 495 beltway around D.C.  Exit onto 66 West (towards
Front Royal), continue for 8.4 miles to the Fairfax County Parkway (Rt. 7100,
Exit 55).  Take the Fairfax County Parkway north (towards Herndon) for 3.9
miles & turn left onto West Ox Road (Rt 608).  Go 2 miles & turn right onto
Monroe Street (Rt. 666).  As Monroe Street crosses the Herndon Parkway, it
becomes Van Buren.  The Church will be on your right.