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Info needed - New Milford, CT

Hello -

My last query was SO successful (16 replies and counting! ...)  That I
thought I'd try again.

Does anyone have the East Kingdom newsletter, or are there any Easterners
lurking on the list?  I need contact info for New Milford, CT.  Preferably E-
mail address, but the telephone # will do.

Also, the information I received in response to my query on Minor waivers was:

There is a draft Minor waiver in the October Acorn.  Master Thomas e-mailed
me an advance copy and this is the one we used at the event this weekend.

I had to use the Medical Consent form from the West Kingdom.  Medical
College of Virginia's Emergency room told me that they would want to see a
notorized form, so I had the kid's parents get it notorized.  I didn't need
to use it (yeah!) so I don't know if it was 100% kosher.  I'm going to take
a copy down and see if the hospital likes it.

Thanks for all the info!

        - Anarra