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Hello again, and Subscribe

Hello all denizens of the Merry Rose!
I have returned from my longer than expected computer hiatus.  I have 
finnaly gotten an accound on campus and my address is 
I apologize for putting my re-subscription request out for the veiw of 
all, bbut I could not find the address to write to, all I could remember 
was this one.
I hope all of you are doing well, as am I.  Classes are wonderful, and I 
am actually finding time to do events and recruit some newcomers.  
Surprise!  Hopefully I'll see some of you at 7 Deadly Sins, Boar Hunt, or 
Crown. (Three events in a row!-- isn't fall break a wonderful thing!)
In the meantime, I'm still...
Eogan MacLaren
Aes Dalcasian