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DC area Herald Practice for October

Greetings everyone from Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald. Sorry this is
a week late, but I would not wish the week I just had on anyone in the
kingdom, and I know of gentles who had WORSE weeks than I did....

Triton and Argent Snail will be holding Herald Practice during the
rest of October at the following places. All practices are Wednesday
nights and begin at 7:15 p.m. Dinner is served beforehand, usually
about 6:30, if you can make it by then.

13 Oct - Tirloch and Anne's. in South Herndon VA. Phone (703) 437-6271.

20 Oct - Baroness Brenna's in DC. Phone (202) 737-8088.

27 Oct - Aodhan Doilfin's in Arlington VA. Phone (703) 486-3650.

For directions call as listed above. For more info on heraldic activities
in Northern Atlantia, contact:
Herveus (Triton) at 301-464-8375, email: herveus@access.digex.net
Jaelle (Argent Snail) at 202-737-4609, email: