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Unevent Meeting Schedule

Dear Friends,
     In addition to posting the meeting schedule for the Saturday, 18
November Unevent, I thought I'd include my November Acorn Kingdom
Seneschal's letter. Perhaps someone might read it here who might not read it
in the Acorn.
Dear Friends,
     Wasn't the coronation of TRMs Cuan and Brigit wonderful? Lady Aileen
McDonagh, GD and her helpers set a standard worthy of emulation! I
particularly enjoyed the palio race led by a mulish beast. (It's up to the
observers to deduce if I refer to our venerable Chancellor or his mount.
<G>) Windmaster's Hill has proven, again, that coronation need not be just
pomp and circumstance. It can and should be fun!
     Thanks to Lord Aedan and the Barony of Caer Mear Unevent (the Kingdom's
annual business meeting, which is a garb affair) will be held Saturday, 18
November on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in downtown
Richmond, Virginia. Although the meeting schedule will be published in the
event announcement, I'll reiterate it here.
     Session I (0900-1045): Seneschal, Herald, Golden Dolphin, Laurel, Marshal
     Session II (1100-1245): Exchequer, MoAS, Chatelaine, Laurel Round
Table,                              Chivalry
     Lunch: 1245-1400
     Session III (1400-1545): MOL, Pearl, Rapier Marshal, Pelican
     Session IV (1600-1745): Chronicler, Chirurgeon, Archer Marshal, Sea
Stag,         Crowns meeting meet with Landed Barons and Baronesses
     Please note that TRMs Curia Regis will be held at the same site on
Sunday, 19 November at 1000. In addition to GOofS, Landed Barons and
Baronesses, all seneschals have a seat in Curia and are expected to attend.
If you are unable to attend, please send TRMs your proxy with a written
explanation of your circumstances.
     Some time ago I asked for your ideas on how we might best fund our
annual Kingdom budget. I thank the several groups that submitted ideas and
especially to the Shire of Highland Foorde for their offer to donate the
profits from a forthcoming Brewers Cookbook to the Kingdom. Bravo! I hope
everyone knows that you may donate a portion of local event profits to the
Kingdom. Similarly, you may identify a part of your event for the Kingdom,
such as a bake or craft sale or an auction of goods or services. Each of the
several Twelfth Night celebrations would be a marvelous opportunity for fund
raising--purchase a gift for a friend and help the Kingdom, too. I've spoken
with a number of merchants and found general support for charging them a
small table fee (say $5) at Kingdom events if the money was dedicated to the
Kingdom budget.
     This month's kudos spotlight on group activities falls on the Windlore
newsletter published by the Barony of Windmaster's Hill. Not only does the
Windlore include letters from the officers but also book reviews and feature
articles. September's article on story telling by the renowned bard, Dervila
ni Leanon, was a textbook of instructional clarity.  Too, I am sure the
populace of the barony benefited from the listing of the month's events,
practices, and meetings--all 56 of them.
     As yet another example of You Can Tell You Are in the SCA When, Grafin
Judith and I recently attended a beautiful modern-era wedding held on the
shores of a scenic lake. Many of the guests were SCAdians dressed in their
best bib and tucker. The comments most often heard after those remarking on
the bride's loveliness were "Your face is familiar, but I can't recognize
your body." 
     It seems that we have not been getting credit for all of our Non-Member
Surcharge submissions. Like it or not, it is Atlantian policy to collect and
submit these funds to the SCA, Inc. To insure that we get credit where it's
due, please send me a courtesy copy of your NMS submission.
Yours in service,
<End Quote>
     I look forward to seeing the denizens of the Merry Rose at The
Challenge of the Seven Deadly Sins, Crown Tourney and Unevent.

Warm regards,