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Warning: update to email list

This is your pre-mailing warning :) I'm going to send out the
updated Atlantian Address List, and it's growing. It's got at
least 45,000 bytes of data, so keep that in mind when you're
ready to download it. Plus, and it will say this at the top of
the List, if you find any errors or see that I need to add
something to it, please let me know. I know there are people
who've moved or have changed their email address, and I try to
keep up. However, unless you let me know directly, I might not
have caught on. 
Quick, shameless plug: everybody come to our fighter practice
on Nov. 11. Good practice in general and for Gulf Wars (of
course you're going!), and cheap food afterwards! Crash space

In service to the Dream and the Caffeine,
Elizabeth Urbanik, Cataloger		ska Elenore Spyrling, Seneschale
Pittsylvania County Library		    Shire of Drachentor
Chatham, VA 24531			    Kingdom of Atlantia
		804-432-3271	eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu
            Proud member of Librarians of the Knowne World