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Atlantian Royal Bard Competition

Unto the noble populace of Atlantia does THL Bryce de Byram,
Royal Bard, send warm greetings.

Sweet Friends, 
	Due to unfortunate circumstances my letter was not
printed in either of the last Acorns.  So, here are the rules
for the Atlantian Royal Bard competition:

	The First Round shall be conducted at Atlantian
University, on December 1, in Chapel Hill, NC.
Two pieces of any style (singing, storytelling, poetic
recitation, instrumental performance, etc.) are required.  One
piece is to be period (verbal documentation dating the piece to
be written before 1700, given as part of your performance) and
a second piece of anything you choose (however, original pieces
are encouraged, esp. about Atlantia!)  The second round will be
judged by TRMs and TRHs at Atlantian Twelfth Night, January 6,
in Their Barony of Black Diamond.  Their Majesties have
requested that the performance for the finals be an original
piece.  I will not specify that this piece has to be a new

If you have questions, or if I can assist you in any way, I may
be reached at (804)-261-0417, as I do not have access to a
				In Service to Crown and Kingdom,