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Spring Collegium at Falcon Cree

Greetings Good Gentles!
   We are putting together a Collegium to be held in the Canton of 
Falcon Cree(Greenville,SC) on February 24, 1996.  We are currently 
planning several tracks.  Among these are an SCA Service Track- Basic 
Seneschal 101, How To Autocrat an Event and Remain Sane, What is a 
Chatalaine,Really, and other such topics.  Our hope is to train some 
folks for future leadership in the Kingdom- but don't tell them that!
   We are also doing a Garb Track- The Basic T-Tunic for Beginning Garb 
Makers,  Bodices, Sleeves(Oh Noooo!), etc.
   We even have the potential for an Armour Track- Basic Blacksmithing, 
Chain Mail Knitting(?), and others.
   But we very much need more.  We have an excellent site, a whole 
school! Including the athletic fields! available to us.  We want to 
fill the entire place with classes.  So, please, if anyone wants to 
teach a class on anything, please send me a short class description or 
outline and include a list of materials or how much you will need to 
provide materials for the class.  There will be no event fee, only the 
cost of materials for each class.
   We know there is a lot of knowlege out there.  Let's spread it 

In Service
Lady Elspeth Hinds
mka Sher Hines
email shines1@ix.netcom.com
phone (803)244-4406