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University directions

To clarify the directions for people coming from the north:
Take I-95, not 85, if you're on the seaboard side of the
If you're towards the middle, take 29 to Danville, stay on that
all through town. This will eventually (after you cross the
river and pass the high school (will be on your right)) turn
into 86. Take 86 to Yanceyville and go all the way through.
Eventually this ends in an intersection -- turn left and stay
on this until you hit Hillsborough. Go through downtown
(historic district), cross the Eno bridge, and at that light turn
left. Turn right at the big intersection. Stay on this and
it'll take you straight into Chapel Hill. Once there, you'll go
on 86/Airport Rd. until you hit Franklin St. (stay in the inner
lane, just to keep from getting messed up). Go straight through
that intersection -- it will be the busiest one, with lots of
shops and bikers to make feints at :) The next intersection
(there will be one light between Franklin and this one) will be
at the gates of the University. Turn left and continue until
you see the visitor parking lot on your right (although there
are several other lots further down).
For those from the western part of Virginia (Md. take 81 to
Roanoke and then follow these directions):
Take 220 to Greensboro. Then get on 85/40 east to Burlington.
This will take you to Chapel Hill. If you take the exit for
Carrboro and Chapel Hill, you'll get onto Airport Rd./86, and
can follow the above directions.

Hope this helps, and call me (make sure you've a map handy) if
you need clarifications. I've been to C. Hill muchly (went to
grad school there, commuted from Danville), so I know the 86
route fairly well. Which ain't nuthin to brag about, really.

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