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Re: help,please

Lady Giovanna Mancuso, you write:

> I have lost the most recent issue of TI.  I found this out when I thought about making the dress in the first article.  I was wondering, if it won't violate copywrite law, would somebody be willing to fax me a copy of the 14th century dress article.  My fax number is (804)359-7514.
> Thanx!!!!!!!
> Giovanna Mancuso
I beg of you to abandon this idea at once.  The pattern and method 
suggested in the lastest TI to make a cothardie is TERRIBLE.  Or at 
least, so my teacher says.

Having made a cothardie (or making it, it needs a couple more fittings) 
the RIGHT way, as I was taught by Lady Aislynn Fyrloc, I can see that the 
article in the TI is not going to get you as good a result.  I suggest 
you contact her, or me, and we can arrange to get you cutting patterns 
and instructions, and hopefully assistance, to make your dress.

But please, don't use the TI method.

In Service (I hope)
Leifr Johansson