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In search of Sir Cibriano

Greetings unto the Noble Atlantians!

I am in search of a poet named Sir Cibriano.  If anyone could assist me 
in locate this gentle, I would greatly appreciate it!

The reason:  
I am the local chronicler for the Debatable Lands (you know...Pennsic is 
held here...), and one of our gentles by the name of Isenwulf gave me a 
copy of the poem "The Man Who Would Not Die".  I think it to be 
uproariously funny, and would love to include it in an upcoming issue of 
the newsletter (called the Althing).  However, I wish to get in contact 
with Sir Cibriano and gain permission before doing so.

As I don't subscribe to this list, I do ask that any replies be sent 
directly to me at emmett@genesis.duq.edu

Thank you to anyone who can aid me!

:) Roxane

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